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In its fifty years of operation, Pacific Industrial Company has grown into one of the most respected and valued suppliers of steel fabrication and construction services throughout Western Australia and further afield.

All that time, the company has battled against keen competition from organisations that appeared to demonstrate similar competencies. PIC’s response has always been the same – to work harder and to work smarter to be able to offer a value-for-money solution.

This has meant continued investment in innovation – a constant search for improvements in equipment and techniques – and also investment in skills and talents, training apprentices and upskilling trades. But throughout it all, it is that commitment to service, a determination to see the job completed and to deliver on promises, that has been a hallmark of PIC from the very early days of
the company.


Located in the Kwinana heavy industrial area , PIC’s workshops are equipped for all types of fabrication, construction and modularisation services.

Our main Naval Base facility is situated just 5km from the AMC Common User Facility. We are also strategically located within WA’s high wide load corridor enabling the offsite fabrication and assembly of large modules including mechanical and electrical fit out.

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