With increasing reliance on modularised assembly, PIC’s extensive Naval Base workshops are one of the keys to the company’s industry dominance.

It is here that steelworks are assembled into shippable packages to be installed economically and effectively at site. Large modules of up to 300 tonnes are fabricated in controlled environments, where all trades have access to the full range of specialised equipment together with extensive overhead and mobile crane support.

The workshop location benefits from the existence of the high wide load corridor along Patterson Road to the Australian Marine Complex, meaning that assemblies can be freighted from the workshops to Jervoise Bay, and from there loaded onto ships for transfer to the North West or beyond.

  • Higher productivity and work executed in a controlled and fully equipped fabrication yard
  • Eliminate inclement weather issue’s at Site
  • Reduced construction costs
  • Reduction in overall project delivery schedule by parallel schedule management
  • Reduced on site safety risks